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The Odyssey

7 p.m. Aug. 20-22 and Aug. 27-29
Streaming details TBA

“But even so, I want to go back home, / and every day I hope that day will come” — Odysseus, Book 5.219-220

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For more than 25 centuries, the human race has been fascinated with and inspired by The Odyssey. We want to bring it live into your home.

In partnership with the Kirkpatrick Foundation and ArtDesk magazine, Oklahoma Contemporary will livestream a six-day, reading series of Emily Wilson’s recent translation of Homer’s The Odyssey, an immediate, accessible and boldly contemporary version of the ancient text. Working with a diverse group of local and national educators, actors, musicians and public officials — including Emily Wilson herself — as readers, Oklahoma Contemporary’s broadcast will include all 24 books of the epic poem.

This marathon reading series aims to digitally re-create the experience of listening together to a tale told thousands of times, throughout histories and across continents — to see if we can find ourselves in Odysseus’ ever-turning voyage to find home.

Watch this page and our social platforms for details as we announce individual readers, how and when to stream and more.


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