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By Tiffani Nicole
A Black woman painted in blue, green, white and yellow stripes release a butterfly from her finger. A green ribbon floats around her, and green and blue butterflies emerge from her hair.

Sanctuary Redefined

Sanctuary Redefined: We Shall Own Our Legacy

8-9 p.m. June 16, 2022 | Campbell Art Park
Presented by OKC Artists for Justice in partnership with Oklahoma Contemporary
Created by Grace Franklin

Sanctuary Redefined: We Shall Own Our Legacy presented a perspective of Black women that expressed the journey of searching for gems wanted by all human beings, including safety, joy, laughter, prosperity, family (born into and created) and the ability to grow. Incorporating poetry, movement, music and song, this piece delved into the heightened anxiety and stress experienced by Black Women as they move through the world and yet still thrive, adding melanated magic to movements that shift culture towards equity, equality and inclusion.

Grace Franklin created Sanctuary Redefined to celebrate Black women incorporating Chakaia Booker’s Shaved Portions sculpture of stunning, sturdy and protected materials as inspiration and a backdrop.

A black logo on a white background shows the silhouette of a Black woman's head. Her hair is styled in an Afro. The text below reads OA4J.

About OKC Artists for Justice

OKC Artists For Justice is an organization that advocates for Black women against violence. In 2014, Black women on the Eastside of Oklahoma City were being sexually assaulted by a then-active Oklahoma City police officer. We realized the survivors' voices were not being valued, uplifted or believed. OA4J organized protests and ensured national media outlets would keep the spotlight on the survivors. OKC Artists for Justice is committed to the spiritual, political and physical liberation of Black women through advocacy, community work and policy changes.


Artwork by Tiffany Nicole.

OKC Artist for Justice logo.

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