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June 05, 2023

Summer Vibes Ahead: No SPF Needed

Let the making begin!

A group of people sit at a wooden table with bundles of yarn

Knit Your Feelings students

It’s! summer! tiiiime! Best way to stay cool, look cool and make cool shtuff? Studio School’s summer session! We can’t promise it won’t be messy, but we can guarantee no-SPF-needed creating. (Daily sun protection is encouraged, but we’re not dermatologists, so do what you want.)

Registration is open and ready, friends. Below you’ll find a handy roundup of four- and eight-week classes and workshops — all primed for you to pick your popsicle. (Poison sends the wrong message.)


A knitted blue and white sweater vest on a pink background. The vest has white text that reads YOU ARE GONNA SEE ME UNRAVEL.

Kendall Ross

The I’d Knit That icon that is Kendall Ross is back again with another round of Knit Your Feelings, guiding students through the tips and tricks of her text-based style, perfect for both never knitters and knitting experts. Sewing’s near-cult leader, Amber Layne, hosts four sewing and one t-shirt quilting class this term — nab your spot quick; some are already sold out! If you’re into loom weaving, Beyond the Basics is made for you, providing one-on-one support and guidance from an expert.

Late summer’s four-week offerings are giving fashion with Upcycle Shirts and Visible Mending, showing how sustainability and art-making can be found right inside your closet.


A person is working on a potters wheel surrounded by recently thrown vessels

Liv Egan

Three eight-week Intro to Ceramics courses top this season’s charts. New to clay? Don’t worry, our instructors will be gentle! Learn hand building techniques to create sculptural and functional vessels, then move onto the wheel. A four-week advanced throwing class in August encourages ceramics for giants (re: make big pots). Throw big stuff. Wok with Liv Egan. Enough said, yeah? Bonus: A special Nerikomi hand building class brings marbling and striped clay creations.


A diptych of watercolor wildflowers in yellows, pinks, blues and reds

Sylvie Mayer's watercolors

We’re entering the realm of bittersweet here, friends. Sweet? Bad at Drawing makes another appearance with a flair for the botanical, printmaking is becoming a staple, selfie portraiture has entered the chat, and Sylvie Mayer teaches wildflower watercoloring (have you seen her edibleOKC issue?!). Bitter? Its Mayer’s last class with us, so get in and learn from the painting gem herself!


An embroidered furby in blue and pink string with wild hair

Fabric Tattoos: Favorite Toys!

Your choice of medium for one (to two) night(s) only! Make A Ceramic Pie Plate, Herb/Windowsill Planter or Berry Bowl with Egan, re-enact Ghost (without the murder, with clothes on) for a date night, or sign up for the longest title of a workshop ever, Make A Vase and Then Arrange Flowers for that Vase! Bring a Ross-inspired text-embroidered work home, or get creative in Fabric Tattoos, cocktails or fave toys.

Popular classes and workshops fill fast, so get to registering. We’ll meet you in the studios.


The Studios.

Spring 2023 Knit Your Feelings students.

Kendall Ross' hand-knit wool sweater vest. Image courtesy the artist.

Studio School instructor Liv Egan on the wheel.

Studio School Sylvie Mayer's watercolors. Image courtesy the artist.

Studio School instructor Darci Lenker's embroidered toy.

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