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Crazy Pasta Sculpture
Dried pasta dyed green, blue, yellow and pink are combined with colorful Fruit Loops, wrapped and hanging from pipe cleaners to form a pasta and cereal sculpture.

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March 07, 2023

Second Saturday XL: Eat Your Art Out

Build, treat, engage, create, give and explore

A canvas tote is lying flat on a wooden table, covered in illustrations of grass, flowers and more. The illustrations are made with fruit -- a hand is poised over the tote with half a lemon covered in green paint. Various fruits surround.

March’s Second Saturday XL: Eat Your Art Out offers opportunities to bring The Art of Food into your home. This free, family-friendly afternoon of food-focused art-making, engaging performances and appetizing activities is sure to leave you and the whole fam fully satisfied.

You and yours will find a variety of ways to make and create. Up first: colorful prints with fruits and vegetables! With a basket-full of edible mediums, you can make clouds from grapefruit, trees from broccoli and mushrooms, flowers from lemons or any other realistic or abstract design, utilizing the texture and size of each piece of produce. The printmaking doesn’t stop there (have you seen the number of prints in the exhibition?!) — local artist Virginia Sitzes will guide kiddos and community through the process of printing food on food!

10 cans of Campbells Soup sit stacked in a pyramid. Each can has a differnt label like "Critic's Tongue", "Model's Meat" and "Cream of Dealer." They sit in an enclosed case in an art gallery.
Enrique Chagoya's The Enlightened Savage (2002)

Giving back is also on the menu: The Youth and Family team is collecting food for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. If you’re able, please bring unopened dry or canned goods to donate (think nutrient-dense products like peanut butter, canned meat, fruit, beans and oatmeal).

“We are doing a food drive that can tie in more of our cultural scene,” says Coordinator of Teen and Youth Programs Kau’i Kanahele. “Also, Urban Agrarian will talk about where your food comes from and what they are doing to provide local food to their community. They work with at least 100 independent farmers in Oklahoma, keeping it real local. If you want to help support your immediate community, that’s there, and they’ll be talking about what they do and what you can do, too.”

Seven dishes sit in frame, each containing different ingredients to make Haitian hot chocolate, including cinnamon sticks, cacao and star anise.

The tasty-themed adventures continue: You can build sculptures using edible materials, listen to drool-worthy stories from the Metropolitan Library System, enjoy guided, interactive family tours of The Art of Food: From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation, and engage with food memories through performance. At 2 and 3 p.m., Marie Casimir will present Chokola Lakay, which she’s been performing for over a decade.

“It’s part performance, part cooking demonstration, part storytelling,” says our curator of public programs and performance, who was born and raised in Haiti. “It’s about my connection to the ingredient cacao, Haitian chocolate. My mother has been sending this to me since I left her house for college, and every few months, a package will appear in the mail with Haitian cacao. It reminds me of my connection to home and memory and ritual. This is a drink that is important to my culture — it’s not a party without Haitian cacao.”

A hand holds three popsicles in front of a van. From left to right, the colors are orange and yellow, pink with colorful sprinkles and brown with tan crumbs.

“[This program] is a way for me to share that ritual of performance, but also the ritual of making something that is important to me, my family and my culture with other people.”

An XL extravaganza isn’t really extra large without sweet and savory treats! The first 50 visitors at each performance get free Haitian cacao take-home kits, plus the first 125 kids can nab a FREE popsicle from WonderVanPops. And, of course, Café Contemporary will have kid- AND grownup-friendly options (from fresh pastries to a full lunch) on the menu, including latte-tasting flights.

All ages are welcome and encouraged to join us for another Second Saturday XL — admission is always free! We’ll be making, eating and exploring from 1-4 p.m. March 11.


Crazy Pasta Sculpture.

Printmaking with food.

Installation of Enrique Chagoya's The Enlightened Savage (2002) in The Art of Food: From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation. Photo: Ann Sherman.

Ingredients to make Haitian hot chocolate.

Tasty popsicles from WonderVanPops. Photo courtesy WonderVanPops.

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