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Jan. 06, 2023

La casa: An Interview with Kate Green

“It’s about a community”

Two women smile at the camera. On the left, they are dressed in a light blue buttoned dress with curly red hair. On the right, the have their hair up in a bun, wearing a black, pink and white dress.
Curator Viviana Kuri and Director of Curatorial Affairs (Guest) Kate Green

Director of Curatorial Affairs (Guest) Kate Green knows a thing or two about exhibitions, working in the arts for 20 years now. Collaborating with Museo de Arte de Zapopan’s Viviana Kuri to plan La casa que nos inventamos: Contemporary Art From Guadalajara, Green holds a plethora of knowledge, insights and minute details about the works on view, as well as the artists themselves. Working closely with the 19 Guadalajara artists and Kuri, Green takes us through La casa's intentions, experiences and favorite tidbits.

“I think one of the most exciting things about working with contemporary artists is they’re working with the material of our time and the issues of our time,” Green says. “They’re making us think differently about those materials. For example, a number of the artists in the exhibition, we’ve worked with them to produce large-scale works that are made for our space, and in a sense, make us think differently about our space.”

Three people stand at different points under steel beams that are propped on the floor and leaning up toward the wall
Francisco Ugarte’s Dibujo de acero 6 (2022)

From Francisco Ugarte’s Steel Drawing 6 filling one corner of the Main Gallery to Claudia Cisneros’ blue-tinted Creative Lounge, La casa artists pushed the boundaries of how we understand gallery spaces. Touching not only one space, but four others (lobby, Showroom, Campbell Art Park and the Sculpture Garden), this home within our own has stretched its welcoming open arms across our entire campus with works meant for contemplation and reconfiguration.

“I tend to be drawn towards art — and it is everywhere in this exhibition — art that really makes me think, that I can’t fully figure out when I first look at it,” Green says. “There’s the history of work with clay in the region, and there’s a number of artists in this show who are revitalizing that or doing that differently, continuing that tradition but doing something very 21st century with that in their own language. There is a questioning of art-making in and of itself, what it is and how it works.”

Two white plinths balance individually on ceramic water vessels. Large paintings can be seen in the background.
Cynthia Gutiérrez' No pertenecemos a la misma Tierra I-III (2021)

Catch Green’s full interview below. Since September, we’ve shared conversations with some of La casa’s artists, covering the art, Guadalajara and cultivating creative communities. See an interview with Renata Petersen here, Gonzalo Lebrija here, Jorge Méndez Blake here, Isa Carrillo here, Eduardo Sarabia here, Cynthia Gutiérrez here, Claudia Cisneros here, curator Viviana Kuri here and artist talks held opening weekend here. Or visit our entire La casa que nos inventamos playlist on YouTube.

La casa que nos inventamos is on view through Jan. 9, wrapping up a four-month long run in our Main Gallery. See it while you can — admission is always free.


Curatorial Affairs (Guest) Kate Green talks at La casa's opening celebrations. Photo: AJ Stegall.

Curator Viviana Kuri and Director of Curatorial Affairs (Guest) Kate Green. Photo: AJ Stegall.

Installation view of Francisco Ugarte’s Dibujo de acero 6 / Steel Drawing 6 (2022). Photo: Alex Marks.

Installation view of Cynthia Gutiérrez' No pertenecemos a la misma Tierra I-III / We Don’t Belong to the Same Earth I-III (2021). Photo: Alex Marks.

Kate Green: La casa que nos inventamos. Video: Dennis Spielman.

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