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July 18, 2022

Studio School Spotlight: Find Your Fit

Summer's missing link is you

Studio School’s summer session is halfway through, and a central theme has emerged: finding connections. Whether through nature, mediums or people, students have connected with their inner artists, creating their way through the Oklahoma heat. Missing out? We have you covered. Session 2 registration is live and filling quickly — take your pick!

A spiral-bound journal is open. The pages are white with images. On the left, blyes, browns and greens create a night scene of a mountain. The left, yellows and oranges create a daytime scene.
Danny Joe Rose III's mixed media travel journal

Connect Through Mixed Media

Discover multimedia creation with artist Danny Joe Rose III, whose practice is inspired by “colors and forms found in nature.” His works act as visual “memories of the natural world and [his] to desire to connect with it.” Drawing inspiration from summer travels or wanderings through your own mind, seasoned artists and beginners alike can hone their skills and experiment with something new in his Mixed Media Travel Journals class. Where will this summer adventure take you?

A sketch of a redtailed talk is in the center of a white page. Drawn in a light grey, the hawk's beak is open, mid-screech. We can only see from the shoulders up.
Claire Holloway's redtailed hawk drawing

Connect Through Drawing

Artist Claire Holloway concentrates on capturing the soulful essence of her subjects, making her the perfect instructor for this August’s Drawing Live Birds. You heard us right — birds will be live and in person during the course! Trained and prepped to model, live birds will attend this Studio School class, allowing students to learn basic anatomy and techniques, for birds both resting and in flight. What happens when you connect nature and art? Find out.

A man in a blue button-up and jeans is sitting in a gray folding chair, bent over a dark red electric guitar. In front of him is a black music stand. He is watching his fingers on the strings.
Jacob Frost

Connecting Through Sound

A storyteller with music as his medium: Enter Jacob Frost. As a composer, guitarist and vocalist, this Studio School instructor has curated a four-week class to search for the Sounds of Summer. Is there a quintessential summer sound? Summer band? What would be on your summer playlist? Why do we associate certain artists with particular seasons? What about songs? Explore, listen and discuss with other music fans in this cheeky jam sesh.

Registration closes next Monday, July 25. There’s still time to engage in artist exploration. How will you choose to connect?

Open Studio time is included with registration. Open Studio allows currently enrolled students to work on their projects in Oklahoma Contemporary’s studios outside of class meetings. Times vary weekly and can be booked two weeks in advance.

The Studios building. Photo: Vikki Penix.

Artist Danny Joe Rose III's mixed media travel journal. Photo courtesy the artist.

Artist Claire Holloway's redtailed hawk drawing. Photo courtesy the artist.

Musician Jacob Frost playing the electric guitar. Photo: Cassandra Watson.

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