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Sept. 21, 2020

AtHomeArt: Aqueous Mobile

Make your own kinetic sculpture inspired by Jen Lewin's interactive light landscape
A hanging paper sculpture in the shape of a spiral, featuring yellow, pink and blue

#AtHomeArt projects from Youth and Family staff and Camp Contemporary instructors. Sponsored by SONIC Drive-In.

You've bounded and boogied across the surface of Aqueous — now build your own. Our #AtHomeArt series returns with step-by-step instructions on creating a color mobile inspired by Jen Lewin's interactive light landscape.

Visitors to September's Second Saturday at our new home got the chance to make their own hanging paper sculpture in the style of Aqueous, alongside a giant paint-by-numbers mural, ceramic demonstrations, live music and more. Until you join us for our next event, make your own with these step-by-step instructions below and share your creations using #AtHomeArt!

A photo of art supplies on a paper plate: scissors, yarn, glue stick, pencil, etc.

Here's everything you'll need to get started:

Step 1: Using your pencil, draw a spiral on your paper plate.

Illustration depicts a pencil drawing a spiral on a paper plate

Step 2: Cut the plate along the spiral line.

Illustration uses dotted line to depict scissor marks on a paper plate

Step 3: Create sections on your mobile using a pencil.

Illustration depicts directions for marking sections with a pencil on a paper plate

Step 4: Using the glue stick, spread glue onto a section of your mobile.

Illustration depicts directions for applying glue to a paper plate

Step 5: Apply colored tissue paper to one section at a time.

Illustration depicts directions for applying colored tissue paper to a paper plate

Step 6: Continue adding tissue paper until the entire mobile is filled with color.

Illustration depicts adding color to a paper plate

Step 7: When your mobile is dry, use some scissors to poke a little hole in the center of the mobile.

Illustration depicts directions for poking a hole in the center of a paper plate

Step 8: Feed yarn through the small hole you just created. On the back side, tie a large knot to keep the mobile on the yarn.

Illustration depicts directions for threading yarn through a hole in a paper plate

Step 9: Enjoy the final product!

Illustration depicts a spiral sculpture in yellow, blue and purple

Editor's note: Looking for other creative ways to keep the whole family engaged? Check out our #AtHomeArt archive, featuring other fun projects inspired by our inaugural exhibitions and programming for youth and families.

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