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July 27, 2020

VIDEO: Building Excitement, Part 3

Take a look inside your new arts center with architect Rand Elliott
An image of a building floor plan
First-floor plan of the new Oklahoma Contemporary, designed by architect Rand Elliott.

You've learned about the history and poetics of your new arts center — now let's take a look inside. As part of Oklahoma Contemporary's ongoing effort to help us stay connected during this time of physical distancing, our weekly video tours with architect Rand Elliott have taken you behind the scenes of our new home at NW 11th and Broadway with insight and expertise you won't find anywhere else. In today's penultimate installment, we're throwing open the doors for a grand tour.

You'll start on the first floor, where Elliott will walk you through the Creative Lounge, Café Contemporary, our forthcoming retail space and more. The architect will point out lots of fascinating Easter eggs throughout the building, like an inconspicuous white panel behind the LED screens in our main lobby. This references the Golden Section (or Golden Ratio) created in 45 B.C. by Vitrivius, which Elliott explains as "the proportion that creates visual balance and beauty."

From there, you'll learn all about the many considerations that went into designing your new arts center from the ground up. Until we're able to safely welcome you, today's video will take you as close as possible to experiencing the new space for yourself. Be sure to tune back in next week, when we'll wrap up the series with a tour of The Studios.

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