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June 15, 2020

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt: All Mixed Up

Make your own abstract, mixed-media sculptures with Camp Contemporary instructor Perla Contreras
An abstract mixed media sculpture features paper coiled into large overlapping circles
Finished project by Perla Contreras

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt projects from Camp Contemporary instructors and Youth and Family staff. Sponsored by SONIC Drive-In.

Movement is everything. It's what artists use to guide the viewer from one part of their artwork to another. It creates interest and a “flow” to the art piece. In this week’s Camp-in-Place project, we’ll be taking inspiration from two contemporary artists — Heather Hansen and Monika Sosnowska — to harness the power of movement in creating your own mixed-media abstract sculpture, using everyday household items.

Hansen’s works are very large, movement-oriented charcoal drawings. In fact, the artist uses the movement of her body to create designs that flow on the canvas. Sosnowska uses industrial materials to create large-scale installations that use repetition of curved and straight lines to create the illusion of movement and entanglement. This project combines Sosnowska’s architectural qualities with Hansen’s use of movement and curves to create a mixed-media sculpture using newspaper and charcoal through a fun collaging process.

Let's get started!

An abstract mixed media sculpture in progress, also featuring large overlapping coils, but with less finished detail than the image above
Work in progress by Perla Contreras



Magazine pages rolled into tight coils
For maximum length, work your way from corner to corner when rolling individual sheets of paper.

Perla Contreras has lived in Oklahoma City most of her life and considers it her home. Perla is an Oklahoma City University graduate whose favorite art style is ceramics, but she also practices mixed-media sculpture. She currently teaches Art 1 and Ceramics at Putnam City West High School and recently started her own photography business, in which she enjoys bringing traditional artistic style into a digital format. She will be teaching Light Clay Creations during Camp Contemporary, June 22-26. Aside from teaching and photography, Perla is a wife and mother to a beautiful 2-year-old girl named Luna, who keeps her on her toes!

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