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Right, Eva Schlegel. Left, inspired pic.
Two images: the left features purple, blue and orange light on a wall and the right shows white light coming into a dark room through a space between white walls

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March 20, 2020

#AtHomeArt Project: Exploring Light for Little and Bigs

At-home art projects inspired by Bright Golden Haze artists

It’s OK to admit it: We’re all going a little stir-crazy. With schools shut down and many working at home amid ongoing public health concerns, our families and friends need more stimulation than ever. That’s why Oklahoma Contemporary is debuting at-home art projects inspired by our inaugural exhibitions, designed to keep minds engaged during this long stretch indoors.

You and your loved ones will have fun exercising imaginations and engaging creativity with these fun, one-of-a-kind projects. And who knows — you might even find a little personal inspiration.

This week, we’re bringing you two projects designed for younger and older children. The first explores the intersections between art, science and toys; the second (which includes a contest featuring a cool prize from Shop Contemporary, our retail store) will have you seeing the interior spaces of your house in a whole new light.

Exploring Light for Littles - Inspired by artist James Turrell

A photo of a glowing, spherical orange hologram hung on a wall
James Turrell’s Untitled, a hologram installed in Bright Golden Haze, is hard to capture with a camera, but this photo gives you a glimpse at one way the artist uses light. Photo: Alex Mark.


Every kid has that once-favorite toy that’s seen better days. Why not breathe new life into an old object through the magic of art and science?

Inspired by Bright Golden Haze artist and light art innovator James Turrell, we found the perfect project to help your little ones see common toys and home materials in a new light!

Explore the project, from My Mundane and Miraculous Life, here.

Exploring Light for Bigs - Inspired by artist Eva Schlegel

Blue light from a TV reflecting on a wall
The striking glow of a TV comes through the door slit in this photograph by an Oklahoma Contemporary staff member.


Take a look around your home — after a week in quarantine, surely you know it well. Or do you?

Our inside spaces are filled with light-collecting nooks and crannies that we usually walk right past. Taking a page from Eva Schlegel’s Untitled (231), a photo in Bright Golden Haze, today’s at-home art project encourages you to discover those interesting or understated corners in your own home where light reflects or illuminates.

Pay close attention to the light coming from your electronic devices, the sun illuminating your window sill or an interesting shadow cast from your ceiling light. Study the image below, taken by one of our very own staff members, capturing the striking glow of a TV through a slit in the door.

Whatever your light source may be, start photographing what you see with your phone or other devices. Upload them to your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Then tag us by next Wednesday, March 25, for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind gift — a Little Sun Solar Lamp created by Bright Golden Haze artist Olafur Eliasson --- from our new retail store, Shop Contemporary.

The top three images will be selected by our curator and exhibitions director, Jennifer Scanlan, and will go on to a community vote on our Instagram story. Good luck!

Instagram: @okcontemporary
Facebook: @OklahomaContemporary
Twitter: @OKContemporary

A plastic solar lamp is shaped like a yellow flower

- #AtHomeArt project from our Youth and Family staff
Kau’i Kanahele, coordinator of Youth and Family Programs
Christine Gibson, manager of Youth and Family Programs

Artworks: James Turrell, Untitled (1NSA). Courtesy of Pace Gallery and the artist.
Eva Schlegel, Untitled (231). Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

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