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A multicolored, tie-dyed wax paper featuring the silhouette of a building drawn on it is taped in a window

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March 25, 2020

#AtHomeArt Project: Folding Light Sky

A large, silver building against a blue sky
Photo: Rand Elliot

We can't actually welcome you inside our new building just yet, but there's plenty to discover on the outside. That's why today's installment of #AtHomeArt explores the unique play of light on the exterior of your new, 54,000 square foot arts center. Encased in recycled aluminum fins reflecting Oklahoma’s ever-changing sky, the new Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at NW 11th and Broadway — designed by Rand Elliot Architects and built by Smith and Pickel Construction — was inspired in part by the dynamic quality of light in our home state.

Today's project explores color mixing, light and architecture to create your own vibrant sky surrounding a silhouette of our striking new home. We've got a how-to video to help you get started, along with everything else you'll need below. Once you're done, sit back and watch the sun illuminate your creation — and be sure to share your work with us on social media using the #AtHomeArt hashtag.

Now, let's make some art!



  1. Start by squeezing glue into the plastic bags.
  2. Add food coloring to the glue then mix.
  3. Cut the corner of the plastic bag; squeeze glue onto one side of the folded wax paper.
  4. Fold the wax paper and press down to spread the glue around. (You can use a paper towel or toilet paper roll as a rolling pin.)
  5. Set your project aside to dry.
  6. Print off the silhouette of Folding Light or create your own building silhouette on a piece of paper!
  7. Cut out the silhouette.
  8. After everything is dry, glue the silhouette to the wax paper.
  9. Cut off the excess wax paper.
  10. Add finishing touches, like landscaping, with the Sharpie.
  11. Hang your project up in a window.
  12. Step back, watch the light shine through and enjoy!

- #AtHomeArt project from our Youth and Family staff
Kau’i Kanahele, coordinator of Youth and Family Programs
Christine Gibson, manager of Youth and Family Programs

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