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Millions of Congolese, Sudanese, and Somali refugees flee with their families to vastly over-crowded camps, living in makeshift fabric tents stretched over fragile wood frames.

Translated narration

I was living in Congo Uvira Sud [south] Kivu, when the armies from DRC Goma, Burundi, and Uganda came to Congo in Sud Kivu and started fighting.

It was at this time that they were taking young men to help them carry the guns and their things to the forest. One day, my friend and I were walking in the street. They took us to help them carry things to the forest. It was bad luck this day because a group of May May and armies from Rwanda were together fighting, and one of my friends who was in front of me was shot and killed. I took the chance and ran into the forest and hid. In the evening, I went home and told my parents how I had been caught and my parents cried. They thought I had died but I told them I was lucky, I didn’t die. But my friend who they took with me, he died.

From that day I no longer saw peace. That is why I decided to leave my country. There was no safety. That is how I decided to flee to a foreign country. That is how I came to be in America. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen my family until now. And that’s the problem in my life—when I am remembering, like I am now, I start to cry.

I chose you to be mine. Ahhhhh
My man, father of my children. Ahhhhh
To be in love with you is grace. Ahhhhh
To marry you is a blessing Ahhhhh
My love living Ahhhhh
Oh baby I love you Ahhhhh
For you, I change my ways
Baby for you
I left my singlehood
So we can build something together
And have children with you
And raise them with you together
And then I must be old with you.
My heart chose you.
Thank you so much

Audio narrators:

Dido, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, speaking Swahili. Recorded in Buffalo, New York.

Edith, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, speaking Swahili and English. Recorded in Buffalo, New York.

Sandra Konda, originally from Sudan, speaking Sudanese Arabic. Recorded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Video figures:

Sang Rem
Clara and JJ
Gerald Ramsey
Janae Leonard
Watimbwa Babingwa
Laura Rice
Kian Looper
Aqueira Oshun
Sam and Samuel Konda


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