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Cassandra Watson

Social Media Coordinator and Writer

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In her role as social media coordinator and writer, Cassandra Watson curates our visitors' social experience, crafting everything from copy to photographs. Cassandra develops, edits, produces and creates valuable digital content through social media, broadcast and digital ads, press releases and email campaigns, contributing to the growing attendance and engagement of the arts center.

Receiving her BA in professional writing and anthropology from the University of Oklahoma in 2018, Cassandra discovered a passion in sociocultural phenomena and human interactions. She took this curiosity and hunger for knowledge further into her academic career, moved across the pond and earned her MA in anthropological research from the University of Manchester in 2020. Specializing in sociocultural anthropology, her thesis and doctoral proposal focused on the limitations of categorical definitions through the gender binary in relation to a local drag house and identity making. While attending university, Cassandra contributed to a research-led project, Decolonizing the Curriculum, in order to navigate, work and challenge colonization of academia.

Moving back to the States amid the height of the pandemic, Cassandra placed her PhD on hold. Finding solace in community through a local plant and floral shop, she was trained as a florist and houseplant expert. As she shifted careers to Oklahoma Contemporary, Cassandra still holds floral-making close to her heart and freelances any chance she gets.

Pushing her creativity further, Cassandra is an avid trained baker (courtesy the U.K.) and beginner to the pottery wheel, but plans on diving into this newfound passion. A member of the queer community and a big fan of nature and all its creations, Cassandra does all she can to be outdoors, surrounded by the people she loves, with her pup and cat by her side.

Email: communications (at) okcontemp.org

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