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Oklahoma Contemporary surveys the state's diverse art scene with ArtNow 2019

The Oklahoman/NewsOK • December 21, 2018

Co-curated by Alyson Atchison and Patrick Reynolds, ArtNow 2019 is on view through Jan. 18, when the exhibit culminates in Oklahoma Contemporary’s “Party with a Purpose,” where the works are sold with the proceeds benefiting the individual artists as well as the nonprofit arts center, helping to keep its admission free year-round.

“The purpose of ArtNow is to create a survey of contemporary art that’s happening in Oklahoma right now. So, it involves site visits, studio visits, traveling through Oklahoma, really getting a grasp of what artists are doing in Oklahoma and putting together a cohesive exhibition to show Oklahoma City,” said Atchison, who co-curated it for the second year. “Patrick and I traveled many, many hours and miles around the state to get a look around Oklahoma at what is happening and what people are doing right now for art. … We were one day in Locust Grove and the next day in Frederick. So, we were all over the state.”

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