Share at the Showroom

Share at the Showroom is a monthly event featuring discussions on culture and art, and performances by local artists. The event is usually held at our Showroom location, on the site of our new arts campus at NW 11th and Broadway.

6 p.m. April 19
Holey Kids and Tallows

Artists Katie Rake and Elijah Scott discuss what they call "a collaborative effort of creepy creations." As the Holey Kids, Katie and Elijah wear masks when presenting or performing their work in public, adding an enigmatic allure to the art they create. Before the discussion, Tallows will perform a unique, stripped down set of electronic experimental rock.

6 p.m. May 17
Dustin Ragland

Musician, producer and educator Dustin Ragland will discuss the world of music software and its impact on the contemporary music industry. Dustin is a faculty member at ACM@UCO and is one of only 200-certified Abelton trainers worldwide. He will also perform using modular synths and music software.