Students will asked to sign the STUDIO CODE OF CONDUCT during the enrollment process. Enrollment will not be complete without signature. 

Clay and Tool Kits can be purchased at the time of registration or at the front desk. 

Students may only attend the class they are enrolled in. 


Summer Session | 6/5/17 - 8/31/17

Four-Week Classes | Block III

Studio Pass

Four-week studio pass
$90 (supplies and clay not included)
Prerequisite: Must be registered in an eight-week summer ceramics class.

Explore your journey with ceramics even further with a Studio Pass!

  • Open Studio Pass hours apply. Students responsible for checking availability.
  • Passes are valid for the dates listed, no carryovers or pro-rating.
  • Open studio does not include instruction or demonstration.
  • Participants may only use clay purchased at OCAC.
  • Clean up must begin 30 minutes before end of studio time.
  • Firings will follow regular schedule as set by the Studio Manager.
  • No retail or production work allowed.
  • Participants in violation of studio policies may forfeit access without refund. 

Mad Hatter's Teapots

Instructor: Tim Sullivan
6-8 p.m. Tuesdays

Four-week class
$75 (supplies and clay not included)
Prerequisite: Ceramics II 

The teapot is a potter's most-complex and endlessly satisfying form of discovery. Explore and demonstrate your wheel-thrown work, which is required to begin delving into your own creation. While exploring spouts, handles and the lidded form, participants will develop a perspective on proportions from large to small. The finished forms may end up being utilitarian or sculptural -- the objective is to have fun discovering new forms and expression within the forms!

Creative Clay Tools

Instructor: Pat Travis and Barbara Farber
10 a.m. - noon Tuesdays

Four-week class
$75 (supplies and clay not included)

Join Pat Travis and Barbara Farber in a fun class that will stretch your creativity to a new level. Pat and Barbara will show you how to create fun and interesting textures on your ceramic pieces using ordinary objects like buttons, beads, pieces of wood, shoe bottoms and kitchen utensils. Students will also make texture stamps and tools using clay as well as cardboard, wood and PVC pipe covered with hot-glue swirls or string. In addition, students will make ceramics pieces and use their new tools to make their pieces truly unique.

NOTE: This class will focus on tool making, not handbuilding or wheel throwing. Students need to have experience making ceramics pieces on which they will use their new tools.