Summer Break


May 29 - Aug 10
*No camp during the week of July 4

Your campers tuition covers the cost for two healthy snacks a day, all necessary supplies and payment for instructors and studio assistants!

To ensure the best possible experience, students must enroll for camps that reflect their current age.

Week 8 | July 23-27

Ages 5-6 | Pop Art Kids

Instructor: Becki Lowber-Collins
Tuition: $195

Pop Art is the focus of this camp. Use your imagination and learn new drawing, painting, collage and printmaking skills that incorporate pop culture, everyday objects and comics into your work.


Ages 5-6 | Shining Sculptures

Instructor: Leslie Hensley
Tuition: $195

It's your time to SHINE! Inspired by Japanese sculptor Toshihiko Mitsuya, build wondrous shining sculptures and installations made completely out of aluminum foil and unexpected material.


Ages 7-9 | Street Rhythm and Dance

Instructor: Joshua Okpaura
Tuition: $195

Get down and rock the floor because it's Street Rhythm and Dance time! Learn a variety of street-dance basics as well as team building, self-expression, reflection, self-discipline and problem solving. Together with your crew, show off your moves when you perform at Friday's Camp Contemporary Showcase. 


Ages 7-9 | Fiber Works

Instructor: Debbie Elledge
Tuition: $195

What can you create with fabric, felt, yarn, string and feathers? The possibilities are endless! Taking inspiration from Oklahoma fiber artist Sarah Atlee, use a variety of fiber materials to create original dynamic art pieces. 


Ages 10-12 | Up Close: Portrait Painting

Instructor: Eric Lyons
Tuition: $195

Discover the work of artist Chuck Close. Create a personal portrait based on Close's style, and learn techniques of drawing through a grid process making enlarged acrylic painted portraits square by square. 


Ages 13-15 | Architectural Concepts

Instructor: Autumn Brown
Tuition: $195

Build on your art, design and architecture knowledge through an introduction to the work of contemporary artist Liu Wei. Explore the mixture of architectural elements and sculpture and experiment with line, shape and form in both 2-D and 3-D projects. Through paint, paper and experimental objects, create your own whimsical urban dwelling.

Week 9 | July 30 - Aug 3

Ages 5-6 | Patterns that POP

Instructor: Aimee Edwards
Tuition: $195

Look at the cheerful and colorful artwork of Romero Britto and spend the week creating dynamic art that incorporates your favorite things. Bright colors, bold lines and fun patterns will make your 2-D and 3-D pieces really POP!


Ages 5-6 | Clay Kids | FULL

Instructor: Olivia Egan

Come play with clay! Collaborate on a large-scale ceramic sculpture  by combining individual creations into one unified piece. Get your hands dirty while learning about the fun and tactile aspects of 3-D art!


Ages 7-9 | Runway Costume Design | FULL

Instructor: Dayna Brown


Learn the basics of sewing -- including threading and running a sewing machine, hand sewing, building patterns and choosing fabrics. Study the work of designer Alexander McQueen and incorporate aspects of the natural world into a forest costume. On Friday, display your designs on the runway during the Camp Contemporary Showcase!


Ages 7-9 | Intro to Creative Robotics | FULL

Instructor: Angel Little

Creative Robotics is a STEAM-based program that introduces the concepts of artistic engineering through simple mechanical and algorithmic exploration. Learn the basics of functional coding, creative designing and the If-Then-Else approach to problem solving. Learn to identify the common stages of mechanical engineering, expressions and creation mapping as well as team-based development. At week's end, each camper will have built a LEGO Technic Getaway Racer to take home.


Ages 10-12 | Mural Painting | FULL

Instructor: KJ Collins & Sean Vali

Learn how to paint a mural with a variety of techniques including freehand, grid method, projection and more. Collaborate, create and sketch and work directly on a three-panel wall to create a large mural. 

Week 10 | Aug 6-10

Ages 5-6 | Fast Forward!

Instructor: Leslie Hensley
Tuition: $195

Inspired by exhibiting artist Chiyoko Myose, get ready to get up and move in this camp. Transform yourself into moving pieces of art and, together, create a moving group installation. A variety of music will be incorporated into the week to really get things moving!


Ages 7-9 | Monster Design | FULL

Instructor: Danny Gordon

Design the world's coolest monster toy! Put your imagination to the test and be challenged to create an original monster toy, complete with accessories.


Ages 10-12 | Colorful Cardboard Creations

Instructor: Autumn Brown
Tuition: $195

Following the influence of contemporary artist Sol Calero, create bright paintings, colorful 3-D sculptures and personal cardboard installations. This camp will incorporate design, construction and original abstract thought. 


Ages 13-15 | Ceramic Faces

Instructor: KJ Collins
Tuition: $195

Learn clay handbuilding techniques and the basics of throwing clay on a wheel. Combine your new skills to create an expressive and humorous ceramic face jug that is fun and functional.