Christian Keesee Chairman
Christian Keesee
Donna Rinehart-Keever Executive Director
Donna Rinehart-Keever
Jeremiah Matthew Davis Artistic Director
Jeremiah Matthew Davis
Lori M. Brooks Director of Communications
Lori M. Brooks
Matt Cordray Director of Operations
Matt Cordray
Erin Oldfield Director of Education and Public Programming
Erin Oldfield
Salvador Ontiveros Director of Finance
Salvador Ontiveros
Jennifer Scanlan Curatorial and Exhibitions Director
Jennifer Scanlan
Jennifer Thurman Director of Development
Jennifer Thurman
Jerrod Beck Showroom Manager
Jerrod Beck
Steve Boyd Exhibits Manager
Steve Boyd
Peter Coates Ceramics Studio Manager
Peter Coates
Jayme Phillips Development Officer
Jayme Phillips
Laura Rice Visitor Services Facility Manager
Laura Rice
Christine Gibson Education Coordinator
Christine Gibson
Deepa Ghimire Staff Accountant
Deepa Ghimire
Luke Atkinson Lead Designer and Communications Associate
Luke Atkinson
Vikki Penix Cary Visitor Services Associate
Vikki Penix Cary
Alyssa DeVane Education Associate
Alyssa DeVane
Lauren Dow Development Associate
Lauren Dow
Liz Sholar Visitor Services Associate
Liz Sholar